NCAA clears way for SEC to go to pods + mailbag questions: Can Bryce Young win Heisman #2? Mark Stoops at UK in 5 years? Alabama’s toughest road test? Rank SEC East dark horses

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Published May 19, 2021 at 5:00am

SEC Mike Bratton (@MichaelWBratton) and his Cousin Shane (@BigOrangeVolz) discuss the latest news around the league!

Shane’s 100 day countdown to kickoff update (1:00), ABC national primetime coverage announced — including several SEC con-conference games (4:30), big rule changes from the NCAA (8:00), Cousin Shane’s thoughts on opening SEC point spreads (14:00), Fan questions: Can Bryce Young win another Heisman Trophy? (22:00), Will Mark Stoops still be coaching Kentucky in 5 years? (27:00), which road test will be the toughest for Alabama this season? (32:00), ranking the SEC parity (37:20), how biased our offseason Las Vegas odds? (44:30)

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