Nick Saban eager to take it back from Georgia, SEC QBs YPA stats, South Carolina on serious recruiting hot streak, & Tye Richardson of ESPN Arkansas joins the show!

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Published April 20, 2023 at 5:00am

SEC Mike Bratton (@MichaelWBratton) is joined by Tye Richardson (@TyeSportsRadio) of ESPN Arkansas to talk some Razorback football!

Nick Saban on Georgia’s success: “We got to take it back” (1:30), breaking down projected starting SEC QBs by yards per pass attempt last season (4:00), South Carolina is on an insane recruiting streak (7:30), Call-In Question: rate the SEC ADs (10:00), Tye Richardson of ESPN Arkansas joins the show (25:30), thoughts on the Razorbacks coming out of spring football (26:45), how is KJ Jefferson progressing in Dan Enos’ offense? (28:00), this the best running back at Arkansas since the Darren McFadden era? (30:00), Isiah Sategna the breakout offensive player for the Razorbacks? (32:00), thoughts on Arkansas incoming transfers (33:00), Landon Jackson the biggest breakout defender for the Razorbacks? (34:30), Arkansas defensive ends great or Arkansas offensive line an issue? (35:30), do the Razorbacks have the players to play man defense in the secondary (37:30), biggest question that the Hogs answered in spring camp? (39:15), biggest question remaining that looms entering training camp? (40:45)

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