Bryan Harsin era coming to an end already at Auburn? National Signing Day recap: Lane Kiffin aka Portal King, Pissed off Jimbo Fisher calls out Nick Saban & Kiffin

1hour 5min
Published Feb 7, 2021 at 5:00am

SEC Mike Bratton (@MichaelWBratton) recaps the latest news around the league!

Cousin Shane’s Epcot disaster (3:00), Full breakdown of the Bryan Harsin saga at Auburn; what is going on and why the Tigers could soon be on the search for a new head coach (5:00), recap of the big National Signing Day announcements (26:15), final SEC recruiting class rankings (29:00), Lane Kiffin has become the Portal King at Ole Miss (30:30), Kiffin on Ole Miss QB competition following transfer of Jaxon Dart (35:00), on the value TE Michael Trigg and RB Zach Evans bring to the Rebels (37:00), Jimbo Fisher goes off on SEC rivals for claiming Texas A&M’s recruiting success is all due to NIL money (43:00), Jimbo of A&M’s historic recruiting class (52:00)

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